FET – Facial Emotional Therapy

1. InterPersonal Emotion Therapy (IPET)

A therapeutic approach to treat relationship challenges, mood disorders, emotion regulation, relationship problems, depression and anxiety. IPET can lower stress, depressed moods, anxiety levels, as well as body dissatisfaction and eating disorders. Physical contact is an essential part of social communication as it provides the experience of actual togetherness. Our interpersonal touch interventions, such as affective touch and light massage, are aimed at improving one’s psychological state while also reducing stress indicators, pain, anxiety and improving sleep.

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University of Miami School of Medicine – Touch Institute 

“We are establishing very clearly that touch is as important as diet and exercise in our children’s healthy growth and development. I would like to see parents beginning to massage their babies right from the new-born nursery. We all need a daily dose of touch.” 

‘The vagus nerve, which has many branches in the body, slows heart rate, slows blood pressure, helps digestion,’ 

‘At the same time there is a reduction in stress hormones, namely cortisol. There is an increase in serotonin, which is found in anti-pain medications and antidepressants.“ 


– Touch Research Institute 

– University of Miami School of Medicine

2. Cuddle Therapy (CT)

 Touch is the first of five senses that human beings develop in utero and is also a major primal desire. It’s no surprise that human touch is well documented for having great physical and emotional benefits.

The primary benefit of therapeutic touch therapy is the  positive effect it can have on immune function. Professional Cuddling can stimulate the pressure receptors, which can slow the heart and brain waves. This relaxes and slows down the entire nervous system which reduces cortisol (the stress response hormone). This in turn saves the natural killer cells, which build our immune system and knock down bacterial, viral, and cancer cells. 

Touch also enhances sleep and increases serotonin which help you feel less depressed and less anxious. An added benefit is that serotonin is also an anti-pain neurotransmitter, so Cuddling triggers the same neurological reaction as taking painkillers. A past study identified that many sufferers of chronic pain report that they don’t get enough sleep.

Cuddling can also contribute to improved cognitive function. For example, people with ADHD may find that they are more attentive following a cuddle therapy (CT) session. When the skin is moved and pressure receptors are stimulated, vagal activity (for inflammatory control and key body functions) is increased, and the heart rate is slowed. This all leads to greater attentiveness, which contributes to those cognitive benefits.

The benefits of touch date back thousands of years and were widely taken for granted— until we were forced into social distancing and isolation. So now more than ever, there is an increase in the popularity of alternative healing through therapeutic touch.

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Self -care your way to a healthier you with Cuddle Therapy!

Are you curious to learn how others are using professional cuddling & therapeutic touch as an avenue for self-care & greater mental health?
Women’s Health has just the information you’re looking for!
Click the link below to find out more.

What we offer

At Be U Wellness we offer fully clothed, completely platonic cuddle sessions ranging from 1 to 5 hours for all people aged 18 years and over. Our goal is to provide an on-demand touch service when you need it most or when you are simply in the mood for extra cuddles. 

Here you will find a safe space to experience platonic touch and be reminded that you matter, you are perfect just as you are, and that you are loved by the universe without guilt, shame, or judgement. 

We can offer guest \ callout sessions which are subject to minimum booking duration and additional travel surcharge. 

We have now also introduced virtual sessions to cater for those wishing to connect with us across international borders or who are unable to come to us for a hosted session and unable to book in for a callout. 

Here we celebrate all things TOUCH despite living in a world where touch has been unfairly stigmatized and made a taboo topic of discussion. 

What you can discover

At Be U Wellness you will discover that hugging or cuddling for more than 20 seconds releases oxytocin, also known as the love hormone. It has been known to lower stress and cortisol, increase heart health, decrease inflammation, promote better sleep, strengthen your immune system, build trust, and give you an overall sense of safety, wellness and feeling protected. Touch is a crucial ingredient for our development and wellbeing as a social species. It can help you get through everyday life and provide an additional avenue of support during tough situations.

According to Dr Stone Kraushaar, a US clinical psychologist and therapeutic coach, hugs are not only good for the immune system, but they are also good for your stress response, your sleep patterns and so much more. In his bestselling book (Hug Therapy) you can learn more about how a hug can change your life! 

Lifehack have also published 10 incredible benefits of cuddling which you can read using this link

3. Sound Bath Therapy (SBT)

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Sound Bath Therapy


4. Facial Emotional Therapy (FET)

Facial Emotional Therapy (FET) is a gentle, safe, supportive and non evasive technique used to facilitate deep physiological and emotional relaxation. FET is a unique alternative therapy for emotional healing which is designed to relax and reenergize the whole body by working in sync with the nervous system to provide a stress detox. 

Whilst in a deep state of relaxation, all thoughts of the past or future can disappear; allowing you to experience endless possibilities by beingly profoundly present in the moment. This can range from the release of old mental and emotional patterns, to releasing anxiety and emotional stress. FET can also be a powerful tool in the release of negative emotions like anger, frustration or resentment and can be a great natural way to detoxify the liver!  

FET works directly on the face, head, and neck to access many of the significant energy points relating to the various systems of the body, clearing stress levels and emotional blockages for clarity of mind and relaxation. This breakthrough therapy combines techniques drawn from facial harmony, kinesiology, reiki, physiotherapy, brain gym, remedial massage as well as reflexology. 

The entire body experiences a state of deep and profound bliss, making you feel reenergized, re-balanced and nurtured; leaving you looking refreshed and even feeling younger! 

All Bookings must be made 48-72hrs in advance during standard hours and start from $165 per hour. After Hours bookings are most welcome but attract an after hours surcharge in addition to the standard fee. Last minute / same day bookings may also be available, but attract an additional same day /last minute surcharge.

We encourage all clients to book in well in advance during standard hours to avoid any last minute or after hours fees.

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“Some clients have reported that it reduces and softens lines and wrinkles, reduces puffiness and fluid retention around the eyes; reduces tension-induced sinus discomfort.” 

Many find this treatment profoundly relaxing and calming, in addition to experiencing feelings of being re-balanced and nurtured.